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Together with nutrition and fitness,
sleep is one of the three essential pillars of health.



Sleep should be refreshing, renewing, revitalizing. It is, in many ways, the easiest of all biohacks, simple and natural which can also be the most compelling. That’s why a pillow filled with luxurious virgin sheep’s wool encased in 100% certified organic cotton made it into Dave’s quarterly biohacking box! Think about it. Raw foods like organic plants and lean proteins versus processed food with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. If the latter is more appealing to you and describes your regular diet, then SAMINA is not for you. But if you live a wholesome life, work hard to remain fit & healthy, and prefer natural products and foods, then SAMINA is quite likely the only bed for you.

Sleep is one of the most powerful natural health hacks that enables your brain and entire body to

  • Restore & rejuvenate every cell in your body
  • Regenerate tissue & grow muscle
  • Regulate hormone production
  • Focus attention
  • Consolidate memory
  • Re-energize your body, mind and spirit


While on the other hand, insufficient sleep is directly linked to higher BMI (body mass index), obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, lowered immune system and increased mortality risk.  So why risk sleeping less?

You owe it to yourself for everything you commit to doing in your active life to ensure your passive life is just as meaningful and productive.







Our Best Offer…Ever!

Invest in your health and biohack your sleep with a complete healthy sleep system (3 essential layers) and receive free pillows as a bonus. PLUS when you invest in EMF-protection with the addition of a Lokosana® grounding pad, you’ll save an additional $500. This offer expires October 31, 2017. Promotion extended through November 18, 2017


Size Discount Savings Bonus pillows with purchase (quantity)
Twin $1,200 1
Queen $2,400 2
King $3,200 2
California King $3,500 2


Does my bed really matter?

You be the judge. Ask yourself the questions below to see if you can diagnose how well you sleep. with your current mattress.

  • What material(s) were used to make your bed? 

Why it matters – Natural materials breathe; synthetic materials retain heat and encourage you to sweat. Do you have allergies? Are you sniffly and sneezy in the morning? Itchy skin or rashes? These symptoms may all be related to materials including chemicals from your bed, lack of air flow and the hundreds of thousands of dust mites who have decided to colonize in your bed.

  • Do you have any back or neck pain when you first wake up or get out of bed?

Why it matters – Your spine needs restoration in your passive life (when you are asleep) from your active life (when you are “awake”) and all of your life’s activities. If your bed doesn’t support your back completely, you probably toss and turn a lot while sleeping, may wake up with a “stiff” back, and/or suffer from an achy back during the day.

  • Do your arms or legs fall asleep while you are sleeping? Any other body parts that tingle?

Why it matters – Unfortunately, many popular mattress designs with metal springs or synthetic foams may cause your body to suffer from pressure points that decompress your veins and arteries in different areas of your body, typically your extremities. This is what causes tingles and that arm or leg to “fall asleep” an interesting phrase, because the last thing you do when your arms and legs fall asleep is stay asleep! Pressure points interfere with your natural sleep rhythms and can prevent you from achieving the deepest, most restful sleep. If you think you are sleeping plenty of hours every night but still sleepy, this may be the reason why.

  • Do you and your partner sleep comfortably, i.e., not too hot or too cold?

Why it matters – That feeling of being overheated while sleeping is a common sleep disruptor that can prevent you from getting the rest you deserve. The reality is most of us live in climates that change throughout the year; generally, it’s colder in the winter and warmer in summer months with cooler temperatures in fall and spring. This is why wool is such an ideal bedding material. Just like the merino wool garments you wear when hiking, skiing, camping, etc. wool is ideal for moisture wicking so your skin remains dry and for temperature control. The pure, clean wool that SAMINA uses hasn’t been processed with harsh detergents or chemicals to really harness the power of nature for ideal temperature-regulation.

  • Did your mattress have to off-gas when you bought it?

Why it matters – A lot of people who purchase new mattresses complain about the strong chemical odor they smell and often may suffer from headaches, nausea, dizziness, and other physical symptoms that didn’t happen before getting the new mattress. If your mattress had a strong chemical smell when you bought it, don’t you wonder why? Think about it: you are probably more intimate with your bed for a longer period of time than anyone or anything. Your bed shouldn’t harm your health in any way.


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DAVE ASPREY, Biohacker, Bulletproof Founder & New York Times Best – Selling Author On SAMINA  

SAMINA beds provide possibly the highest end sleep  experience possible because they pay attention to every little  detail, even things you wouldn’t know make a difference. The result is an amazing night’s sleep like no other!

The 3 layers of the SAMINA essential sleep system.

The Lokosana(r) grounding pad lies between the natural rubber mattress and wool pad mattress topper.


How to Become a SAMINA Sleeper

Because each SAMINA healthy sleep system is customized to your specific needs and those of your partner, orders are placed exclusively in person or by phone so we can ask every question necessary to assure your system is just right for you and your partner. For our best offer ever, call 1-877-494-1091 today and use Promo Code: bulletproofbed

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There is simply no substitute for efficient quality sleep.


If you are truly Bulletproof, then you are truly getting the best sleep possible.

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