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Organic Mattresses for Naturally Healthy Sleep

SAMINA began and is still a company promoting healthy sleep through organic mattresses and complementary components covering every aspect of naturally healthy sleep. The company’s humble beginnings started in 1989 in Frastanz, Austria. According to SAMINA founder, Dr. Günther W. Amann-Jennson, he developed the organic mattresses and other SAMINA healthy sleep products to “improve the quality of peoples’ lives” with the intent to achieve “better sleep and living healthier, fitter, and more successful lives.” A renowned sleep psychologist and health expert, he’s also the author of bestselling books including Healthy Sleep and Sleep for Youth, Fitness, and Success. Being on the forefront of sleep research, Dr. Amann-Jennson has contributed to the conversation by developing healthy sleep products that are effective, eco-friendly and life-changing. His work has been acknowledged by his peers, numerous awards and honorary doctorates for his contributions to sleep medicine research.

The Ideal Way to Sleep

At SAMINA, the products are made to influence your life, not just offer you a good night’s rest. Made from 100% natural rubber, the organic mattresses used in the system are lightweight and durable. The SAMINA sleep system offers a naturally therapeutic solution for multiple sleep issues people may suffer. SAMINA understands that sleep is the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Without proper sleep, people don’t function to their true potential during the day. And without proper sleep, your body and mind won’t settle into the relaxing state that its supposed to and you will not benefit from the many restorative processes that happen only when you sleep such as detoxifying, restoring your immune system, balancing your hormones, and so forth. You spend 1/3 of your entire life in bed. Between sleeping, snuggling, and sex, you spend much of the day in bed making a healthy mattress not just a luxury but an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. This is why the healthy sleep system was created.

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SAMINA Sleep System

The SAMINA sleep system includes from top to bottom, a climate-regulating wool pad topper; Lokosana® grounding pad; natural rubber mattress; and an orthopedic flexible slat frame. Additionally, SAMINA offers complementary orthopedic pillows and duvets filled with natural, bioactive materials for a complete sleep solution.

Incorporating what we now know we need to support your body for a good night’s sleep and to do so naturally, the SAMINA healthy sleep system is the ideal organic mattress solution. When compared to the body, you will understand just how inadequate a single layer (or mattress) is for supporting its needs. Let’s compare each layer to the body and the function it supports beginning with the wool pad topper which covers the entire bed. This imitates our skin which also covers our entire body and like our skin, the wool pad topper helps with respiration, moisture control and temperature regulation. It works because of the high quality sheep’s wool encased inside of an organic cotton cover. Because the wool SAMINA sources is exclusively shorn, washed and combed by hand, the wool’s natural properties have not been destroyed and the lanolin content is especially high. This means that sweat and other body moisture is wicked away from your skin to sleep dry and it also helps regulate the temperature whether it’s warm or cold so you will sleep comfortably.

The next layer is the Lokosana grounding pad which imitates our own bioelectrical system. The Lokosana® grounding pad works with a current-less connection through an electrical outlet only using the grounding component like it does with your electrical appliances to give you the “barefoot while sleeping” effect. Read more in the section on grounding.

The third layer is the natural rubber mattress which mimics our soft tissues, joints, and muscles to provide comfortable support and, importantly, to promote circulation so you sleep soundly and are not awakened by pressure points which may cause, for example, an arm or leg to fall asleep. The natural rubber mattress has a cushioning layer that is thin enough for the flexible wooden-slat base to be effective yet thick enough to provide a comfortable sleep and helps promote circulation, too.

The bottom layer is most unusual and mimics our own skeletal system especially designed to support our backs and spine. It’s true that one of the reasons your sleep is disrupted and that you toss and turn at night is related to your back. A bed or organic mattress that lacks spinal support may often be why you awaken after 8 hours of sleep exhausted instead of refreshed and energized. SAMINA’s patented flexible slat frame allows optimum support for the spine, keeping your body aligned in a natural shape while you’re sleeping. It contours to your spine maintaining your back in its natural double-S shape giving you unrivaled back support. Notably, it’s when we put our bodies in unnatural positions (think shoes, ladies!) that we suffer consequences and one reason why so many back pain sufferers feel worse when they awaken from a night’s sleep than any other time of the day. No other organic mattress has the kind of back support SAMINA does and our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

To complete the healthy sleeping environment, SAMINA’s orthopedic pillows are filled with sheep’s wool and formed natural rubber in a soft density to support your neck gently while you sleep. The bioactive duvet and climate-regulating wool pad also are filled with 100% biologically active sheep’s wool. All of SAMINA’s healthy sleep products are covered in luxurious organic fabric in one of three different offerings (Organic Cotton, Pure Wool or Bio-Ceramic).



Managing Director

Claus Pummer

Claus Pummer has worked with SAMINA for about 20 years and not only believes in the SAMINA Sleep System but sleeps with it. He has also written an article titled “Creating a Healthy Bedroom” in an attempt to expand on healthy sleep patterns with your room and not just your bed.

Marketing Director

Denise Pummer

Denise Pummer loves spreading the healthy sleep knowledge she has gained working with SAMINA. As an advocate for healthy sleep she proudly represents the North American branch at tradeshows across America.

Sleep Inspirer


Maggie is happy to be a part of SAMINA’s process, lending its pure virgin wool to the bedding. What makes Sleepy Sheepy even happier? Living in a free-roaming, pesticide-free environment, while SAMINA humanely shears the wool.

A Sound Sleep Starts Here

As the American arm of the European company, we’ve made their healthy sleep products available to people in the United States and Canada. With more locations coming in the next few years we’re enthusiastic about providing customers in America and Canada “simply healthy sleep” with SAMINA. The SAMINA sleep consultants at the mattress store are able to answer any questions you have about the products and are trained to understand human sleep so they may coach you on your own specific therapeutic and sleep needs. We maintain several locations and our flagship American organic mattress store is located conveniently in sunny Pasadena, California. With additional locations opening soon and a growing list of affiliate partners nationwide, call to schedule an appointment to speak to a sleep consultant today.